UCSC CE and EE Program Courses by Course ID

This is a list of our courses by course ID. You can also view our courses arranged by which ABET outcomes or professional component requirement they help fulfill.

CE class descriptions

  1. CE1: Hands-On Computer Engineering
  2. CE8: Robot Automation: Intelligence through Feedback Control
  3. CE12: Computing Systems and Organization
  4. CE13 Computer Systems and C Programming
  5. CE16: Applied Discrete Mathematics
  6. CE16h: Applied Discrete Mathematics (honors)
  7. CE80e: Engineering Ethics
  8. CE108: Data Compression
  9. CE100/L: Logic Design and Lab
  10. CE107: Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  11. CE110: Computer Architecture
  12. CE112: Computer and Game Console Architecture
  13. CE113: Parallel and Concurrent Computing
  14. CE117: Embedded Software
  15. CE118/L:Introductions to Mechatronics
  16. CE121/L: Microprocessor System Design
  17. CE123/L: Advanced Microprocessor System Design
  18. CE/EE129a: Engineering Design I
  19. CE/EE129b: Engineering Design II
  20. CE/EE129c: Engineering Design III
  21. CE125/L: Logic Design with Verilog
  22. CE131: Human Computer Interaction
  23. CE150: Introduction to Computer Networks
  24. CE151: Network Administration
  25. CE152: Analysis and Design of Communication Protocols
  26. CE154: Data Communications
  27. CE155: Computer Networks Project
  28. CE173/L: High Speed Digital Design
  29. CE177: Applied Graph Theory and Algorithms
  30. CE185: Technical Writing for Computer Engineers

CS class descriptions

  1. CS12A: Introduction to Programming
  2. CS12B: Introduction to Data Structures
  3. CS13: Honors Introduction to Programming and Data Structures
  4. CS101: Algorithms and Abstract Data Types
  5. CS104A: Fundamentals of Compiler Design I
  6. CS104B: Fundamentals of Compiler Design II
  7. CS111: Introduction to Operating Systems
  8. CS115: Software Methodology
  9. CS116: Software Design Project

EE class descriptions

  1. EE70/L: Introduction to Electronics (renumbered in 09-10 to EE101/L)
  2. EE80T: Modern Technology and How It Works
  3. EE101/L: Introduction to Electronics (renumbering of old EE70/L course)
  4. EE103: Signals and Systems
  5. EE115: Introduction to MEMS Design
  6. CE/EE123a: Engineering Design I
  7. CE/EE123b: Engineering Design II
  8. EE125: Electrical Engineering Hardware Design I
  9. EE126: Electrical Engineering Hardware Design II
  10. EE127: Interdisciplinary System Design Project I
  11. EE128: Interdisciplinary System Design Project II
  12. ME/EE129 (San Jose State): Basic IC Fabrication and Design
  13. EE130/L: Introduction to Optoelectronics and Photonics
  14. EE135/L: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves/Lab
  15. EE136: Engineering Electromagnetics
  16. EE145: Properties of Materials
  17. EE151: Communications Systems
  18. EE152: Introduction to Wireless Communication
  19. EE153: Digital Signal Processing
  20. EE154: Feedback Control Systems
  21. EE171/L: Analog Electronics
  22. EE172: Advanced Analog Circuits
  23. EE178: Device Electronics

AMS and Mathematics class descriptions

  1. MA19A/B: Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
  2. MA23A/B: Multivariable Calculus
  3. AMS10: Mathematical Methods for Engineers I
  4. AMS 20: Mathematical Methods for Engineers II
  5. AMS27/L: Mathematical Methods for Engineers
  6. AMS132: Statistical Inference
  7. AMS147: Computational Methods and Applications

Physics class descriptions

  1. Phys5abcd/lmn: Introduction to Physics