EE Alumni Survey

As a part of our ongoing process to continuously improve the quality of the Electrical Engineering Program at UCSC program, we are conducting a survey designed to assess your experience. We appreciate your willingness to provide us your feedback. Your individual responses are not going to be recorded or reported to anyone except those who are compiling survey results at the Electrical Engineering (EE) Department.

In completing the survey please keep in mind the Electrical Engineering Department’s undergraduate Program Educational Objectives that are stated as follows. 1. Advanced Learning and Professional Development: Achieve a high quality, professional approach to engineering through a desire for advanced education, lifelong learning and participation in the professional engineering community. 2. Adaptation to Technological Change: Enjoy a successful professional career in a world with rapid technological change by having a sound foundation in the fundamental electrical engineering theory, design and basic science upon which future technology will be based. 3. Skills for Initial and Continued Employment Success: Demonstrate job-relevant electrical engineering skills through theoretical and practical competence in hardware and information oriented electrical engineering, as well as independence in thought and action. 4. Leadership, Teamwork and Entrepreneurial Skills: Achieve a high level of individual creativity for personal achievement as well as the interpersonal, communications and responsibility skills for creating an effective team project environment, including an ability to apply engineering competence in both research and product oriented settings. 5. Ethics and Societal Issues: Practice a high standard of professional ethics and have a positive impact on the social and environmental aspects of engineering design and implementation.

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Survey Questions
If you have participated as a member of a project team or similar task group, which aspects of your EE education at UCSC prepared you to be an effective team member?
To what extent has your college education at UCSC contributed to your learning in the following areas (on the scale of 1-5, 1 being lowest contribution, 5 being highest contribution)?
EE Program Educational Objectives
Fundamentals: Provide classroom and laboratory instruction in the prerequisites for an EE career, including theory, design and the basic science and mathematics. Scope of Application: Provide students with theory and practical knowledge in hardware and information oriented electrical engineering, including a variety of opportunities for specialized further study. Professional Development: Develop in students the basis for a high quality, profession approach to engineering, including skills in clear communication, teamwork, responsibility, high ethical standards, a desire for lifelong learning and participation in the professional engineering community. Encouragement and Motivation: Foster a milieu supportive of effective learning, enthusiastic teamwork and an appreciation for engineering accomplishment, including interactive learning space, undergraduate research opportunities and readily available mentoring and advising. Transition to an Engineering Career: Develop both individual creative skills for personal achievement as well as interpersonal skills for a team project environment, including an ability to apply research to engineering problems and opportunities for experience in an industry setting.

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